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Hundreds of parents, grandparents, teachers and professionals tell us how The Total Transformation Program has fixed challenging child behaviors. Read what they have to say about our program below. Also, check out our Blog, where we share the stories of families who are using The Total Transformation Program.

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starGlad I got this, August 28, 2014
Review by : 2kidders

Total transformation put things into perspective. It helped me to see that my child isn't helpless but instead is trying to be in control. The program gave me skills to train my child on how to handle situations and control himself. That he would feel better once he learned to control himself and not others or the situation.

starLoved it!, August 26, 2014
Review by : ttlover

This really worked for my family!

starhelped and continues to help my son and my whole family, August 25, 2014
Review by : Audra

we order the total transformation program and were so pleased the we got on the parents support line we continue to use both products have suggested the program to other people and Im so please with the program I would like to work for the company, promoting this product for families. Every one should know these principles

starStill in progress, August 25, 2014
Review by : Carol Strobel

I am understanding how the program works and trying to fit it into our life, it is not exactly a good fit but some of the suggestions are working and I am not so afraid of trying them.

starEvery parent needs the Total Transformation, August 25, 2014
Review by : kczajko

I was skeptical of the Total Transformation. But, I got it after a recommendation from our school's principal and because things with our child were not getting better. After using the Total Transformation techniques, our relationship with our child has completely improved. The techniques were very easy to implement and our child responded the way James said they would. Every parent should be trained in Total Transformation when their children are young. I wish we had this program 10 years ago.

starTotal transformation , August 25, 2014
Review by : Joy Pagtakhan

This program has been very helpful in my parenting skills . James Lehman speaks very clearly and to the point about the problems and strategies in dealing with these problems. His approach is business-like when dealing with issues in the family. The approaches are step by step and easy to implement. He gives many different strategies that worked for me and my children. My husband and I are much better now in dealing with family issues and our children are less argumentative because we deal with them before the issues become a problem. Thins are much better in control.

starHighly Recommend, August 25, 2014
Review by : HappyMom

Implementing this program was one of the best things I've ever done. My child is a good kid but thinks she rules the roost! Our daughter is an only child and my husband and I realized we were pretty lax in her upbringing with rules, parameters, limits and consequences. Now a teenager, tantrums, back-talk, and severe disrespect are the result of our laid-back approach and it became nearly out of control. I love that this program gave clear cut strategies for how to handle situations. When I felt I wasn't getting the results I expected, I called the hot-line for more help and was given effective phrases to say to my daughter for the situation at hand that worked immediatley. I've have seen positive change within a day or two. We've come to understand that there isn't anything drastically wrong with our child, but rather with our parenting techniques. I really think this program should be called "The Parenting Handbook" and be offered to every parent after the birth of their child. I admit I was clueless about how to raise my child other than what I knew, which was unconditional love. This program helped me develop the confidence I needed to be a parent in control. Our lives are much happier and my daughter is responding well to our new approach.

starNew Teenagers and New Ideas, August 23, 2014
Review by : wildbears

I was a mess and thought that I had to train my kids to do what I felt they needed to do. I realized that I was the one who needed to make some real changes so I could help my child make the changes too. I was blind to my ineffective parenting, but now I have the tools to have the patients and behavior to give my child.

starExtraordinary for both my son and I!, August 18, 2014
Review by : TotalTransformationThankfulness

Until working through this program, I blamed Obnoxious behavior of children directly on the parents. This meant when it started happening in extremes with my son and I, that I internalized all his behavior as my fault OR blamed my ex-husband. James helped me grow out of this excuse driven mentality and see things MUCH clearer. This program and my being totally honest with its workbook and techniques, helped me stop the cycle of ineffectiveness. The massive changes in my approach through these techniques are making a tremendous difference. These differences are with both my 15 year old, and me. Some occurred immediately upon use of a technique (like "there is no excuse for abuse, and setting the situation up for next time) and some others are occurring more slowly (replacement behavior and strategic coaching). My son and I are able to coexist again and are building a much healthier parent/child relationship as a result of the Total Transformation. Although, we are still conquering various attitudes/obstacles in behavior, With consistent use of this material I look forward to his remaining three years before entering adulthood and KNOW he'll be better prepared as a result of my embracing James' parenting techniques.

starGreat program, August 18, 2014
Review by : zenaserra

This is a great program with techniques that really work. Break away from the arguing and tantrums and stay calm, be in control. Mr. Lehman gives real techniques to help reprogram your lifestyle so that you can be an effective parent and raise successful kids. Simple things like don't ask why your kid did something wrong, tell them it was wrong and now there's a consequence.

starAccountability, August 14, 2014
Review by : Eva Lussier

My daughter is High Functioning Autistic.I treat her no different than young adult. Before my daughter was controlling me.With this program I have become an empowered parent. I have been teaching my daughter about accountability for the past two years. With love and respect. Teaching respect has made us stronger.

starHold on! Don't pull your hair out yet!, August 13, 2014
Review by : Theresa

The product assists the frustrated parent in an informative manner that allows the parent to learn about your child's development stages in short articles, as well as gives you a connection to other parents with teenagers going through the same developmental problems. The problem areas are easy to identify with. In short, it allows you to keep your hair and to take a breath because you're not the only one going through these experiences. The advice is given in a very professional manner with simple recommendations offering a place to start communicating with your teen in a positive manner.

starTotal Transformation Review, August 12, 2014
Review by : Advocate for Total Transformation

I found the program very helpful with my sons attitude and behavior. The tools that were taught in each of the sections were very helpful. I enjoyed the audio as well as this went along with the book.

startotal Transformatiom Comvert, August 11, 2014
Review by : F.C. Lynn

Out of several programs that I researched, this program focused on the inappropriate behavior and explicit instructions on how to change that behavior. Consistency is the component that makes this program effective! Just follow the instructions, have patience, and stick to the plan (be consistent)- a positive change will be the end results.

starTransformed Parent!, August 10, 2014
Review by : saneinohio

I was at my wits end. Sassing, not doing chores without being put off and given EVERY excuse possible. After going through the lessons and workbook, my child is doing chores and talking respectfully to us. Thank you Dr. and Mrs. Lehman for bringing sanity back to our home!!!

starGetting back on track, August 09, 2014
Review by : 2ndChance

I am so thankful that I found The Total Transformation program for my son. I'm a single mom and tried to get help everywhere but despite not finding anything medically wrong with my child, the Dr's wanted to just medicate. So I started looking online to see what I could do on my own to help my 6 yr old son. And I did! Total Transformation opened my eyes to ways I wasn't being an effective parent with my son's behavior. It helped me know how to help him and gave me confidence and strength to take the steps needed. I am very pleased with the program. We have peace and actually have grown much closer through using the program. It's like we have been given a second chance. Thank you isn't nearly enough!

starTotal Transformation Review, August 04, 2014
Review by : Hopeless

With the help of this program I am feeling less stressed it has taught me ways on how to respond to his behavior and ways to change my parenting skills. I think this is a really great program and I am excited to continue our life changing journey to a happier family.

starEnlightened, August 04, 2014
Review by : Teresa Everette

For so long I was struggling with how to hande my children. A friend at work told me about The Total Transformation. I was at the end of my rope so I said why not. The program was very helpful because it gave specific "how to's" in handling my children. I have teenage boys and I foster preshool girls. The Total Tranformation program made me analyze my kids and gain a proactive approach to handling the behavior. The method is common sense and with a little practice is very practical. I would encourage every frustrated parent to give it a try.

starThe Program That Changed my Son's Life, August 01, 2014
Review by : Dina

I was a single mom of a 9 year old young boy. He was beginning to have problems at school in addition to at home. Disrespect ran rampant in our home. To make matters worse, his father was not reliable and never on the same page with me. I was lost...then I heard about your program, The Total Transformation. Actually, I heard about it on TV, and the radio-then, I prayed. I felt that this was my last hope. I ordered the program. The Customer service agent was exceptional. He got as much information as he could, gave me as much encouragement as he could and I was on my way. I'm not going to lie, it was extremely difficult in the first few weeks, however, after about a month, it became a new way of communication between my son and I. For the first time since starting the program, I felt like this might be the answer to prayers. My son is a different young man today, thanks to your program. Sincerely, Dina Vanjo, CDP

starBest decision I've ever made, July 31, 2014
Review by : MiaFiaGuida

This program helped me and family so much! It was amazing to see the change in how we all interact with each other now. There is a sense of ease in our home that was missing for a long time. Anyone who is struggling needs to try this program.

starVery Satisfied, July 28, 2014
Review by : Satisfied Customer

The Total Transformation helped us to see the mistakes we were making in raising our son. Our mistake was in trying to be a friend instead of a parent. We were trying to reason with our son instead of just applying the rules and being parents. The Total Transformation gave us specific techniques to use to help us control our difficult situations with our son. It takes a lot of work, but it was well worth it.

starTotal Transformation Review, July 27, 2014
Review by : fonsee

I recommend this program to any parent. We learned the language needed to get our son to know who is the parent and who is the child. We are able to go eat at a restaurant and enjoy our dinner without any chaos. Or go to the store without having to buy a toy!

starExcellent, July 24, 2014
Review by : Cathy

This program was very helpful for me. I did and do have listen and at times replay the videos to help me get over some of the rough areas that I wanted my grandson to overcome. This program also helped me see the way I talk to my grandson makes a BIG difference in how he responds to me. Well worth the money.

starTotal Transformation Review, July 21, 2014
Review by : Troubled Grandparent

We found the Total Transformation Program so useful in dealing with our grandson. He has been dealing with the separation of his parents and this program has been a wonderful tool for us to help him with his mixed up feelings. I would highly recommend this program to anyone dealing with a difficult child.

starExcellent Program!, July 21, 2014
Review by : Jane K

James Lehman's teaching style and program in Total Transformation is so tangible and easy to follow, and the techniques he teaches really work! The tools that I've gained through the program have been so effective, and has made tackling parenting difficult behavior much more manageable. I'd recommend this program for all parents- I will be able to turn to the techniques as a resource throughout my children's pre-teen and teen years.

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