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Hundreds of parents, grandparents, teachers and professionals tell us how The Total Transformation Program has fixed challenging child behaviors. Read what they have to say about our program below. Also, check out our Blog, where we share the stories of families who are using The Total Transformation Program.

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starTotal Transformation WORKS! Kids love it! , April 13, 2014
Review by : HappyMom

We have one child with sensory/anger issues and having a lot of difficulty getting him of the iPad without swearing and meltdowns. (He is 8) It took one day for the Total Transformation training to work - he is much calmer now and his little sister, who is 5, is responding beautifully to this training as well. Fantastic training, Don't wait!

starProvided control back in our life., April 11, 2014
Review by : Mpetersen

We adopted a sibling group of 3 kids and we've had them in our home for 3 years prior to getting the total transformation. We have learned that getting enough sleep is important for us, and staying calm puts us in a much better position to deal with the children's behavior. It's great to feel like we have some control again. The kids had it for awhile and I think they knew it when we would be mad. We took it personally, now we take it as 'family business'. This is acceptable, or it's not and that's just the way it is. We've had several councilors over the years, and I think they would say we're much better equiped to be parents with the total transformation in our library. The councilor we have now, reaffirms our position almost every week on our 'reactions' to the children's behavior. it's nice to have her affirmation on our success as well. I will not say things are perfect, but at least we're not counting on the other parent to hold it together while we get mad at the behaviors. That didn't seem to work much in the past. :) One of councilors said the total transformation is like a boot camp. I don't see it that way. I see it as different tips and tricks that will help you manage your family. If you need to follow it like a boot camp, you may need to, we took the tricks and tried them out. We love them!

starHelpful, April 09, 2014
Review by : Sanity in sight

I thought the system was helpful. Definitely intensive. Great for my ADHD 10 year old and her copycat 7 year old brother.

starThank you, April 05, 2014
Review by : moogiestarr

The video that presents real life scenarios between parent and errant children was immediately, instantanly powerful and extremely productive when I followed the guidelines. NO MORE SHRIEKING in our home. Taking the emotion out of my interaction with the children when I'm observing unacceptable behavior for the "millionth time," has "magically" changed the whole dynamic of the exchange. Thank you.

starHelp for parents when all seems lost, April 05, 2014
Review by : Hairless grandma

When don't know where else to go, when you tried all the help out in the world, when you are close to throwing out the kid, commit yourself to the looney bin, and when the light at the tunnel has almost gone out. The answer is there but you must dedicate yourself to try when you are tried out. You and your series is heaven sent. As Christians we tried everything. We prayed for a miracle. The miracle came but not how we expected it. May you be blessed!!

starHelp In The Time Of Need, April 04, 2014
Review by : greatgracebsg

As the leader of a Bible Study Group, we have many parents who need assistance with rearing children and teens with a myriad of diverse problems. Finding a reliable source to provide the needed assistance was really a problem for us---until I happened to hear over the radio about The Total Transformation Program. It was well-worth the time to participate in the easy-to-understand lessons. They were relevant, stimulating, and beneficial. I would, indeed, recommend them to ANY parents, grandparents, or educators who are looking for exciting and proven techniques to impacting upon behaviors of troubled youth.

starTotal Transformation Review, April 04, 2014
Review by : mousa

I heard about the program long time ago ,and I was receiving email as atraicails from total transformation program .i have lessin to the discs every time I played Iagain i learn some thing new. I have discovered my negative peranting ,I notes some change With me ,but still have not change with his mom. Thank you.

starTotal Transformation Review, April 04, 2014
Review by : Leilaha

I am unable to review parental support line and customer service b/c did not use this service. I have already been using the tools with my children and seeing the results. I am calmer now, less stressed when they won't listen.

starThe Real Deal, March 31, 2014
Review by : Little Y

I liked the discs but thought that the worksheet was very hard to fill out. I was not able to complete the course. I think that there are a lot of gaps between the discs and the the worksheet. For these reasons, I would not recommend The Total Transformation Course.
Response from Customer Service

Dear Little Y,
We’d like to thank you for reaching out and are happy to hear that you are pleased with The Total Transformation Program. Since parents are applying new techniques with their children and to their own parenting styles, James Lehman recommends taking the lessons in order and doing one lesson each week, no more. Consumers who do follow this recommendation find that they are able to complete their Feedback Survey in approximately 30 minutes per lesson while learning the skills that they need for their situation. They also find that the Feedback Survey helps them to cement the lessons they’ve learned which in turn creates the best possible learning experience.

We hope that even though you were unable to complete your Feedback Survey for a refund, you will continue to find successes with your family when using the tools and techniques from The Total Transformation Program.

starPut Peace Back in Our Home, March 30, 2014
Review by : LvsLif3

When we found the Total Transformation Program we were at the end of our rope with our 15 year old son. He was being disrespectful to us, his teachers, skipping school, getting in trouble, drinking, and using drugs. Through the course of the program we learned skills and strategies to deal with these difficult times and bring peace back to our home. We are grateful for the opportunity to use this program and would definitely recommend it to anyone feeling challenge by their children.

stardefiant child, March 30, 2014
Review by : klfluet

my 5 year old granddaughter is very strong willed. I find that when she is met at her own level, there is less conflict. She got angry and stomped to the room she has here. I told her that she had to walk from the table to the door, and made her do it 3 times. She said really gramma 3 TIMES!! I told her, yes since she didn't know how a young lady walks, she needed the practice. She calmed down because it distracted her from the original problem.

starAwesome Product, March 29, 2014
Review by : dalesbaby

This product totally turned my children around they was definite beyond control rude to me and others. Treated me as if I was their maid and not their mother and now they no longer treat me as a maid I recommend this product to every parent with a unrulely definite child.

starGood So Far!!!!, March 28, 2014
Review by : AHall

The system seems to be doing fine so far. I have been listening to the tapes for about a month so far and I have tried a few of the far, so good. We will keep it up.

starControl vs. Influence, March 19, 2014
Review by : Shreenk

If you are a parent who is looking to control your child\'s behavior right now, this will probably work for you. If you are more interested in deepening a relationship with your child which will afford years of healthy influence and connection, I would stay away from this program. What they call cosnequences is really punishment. Punishment is one of the least effective methods for long-term behavioral improvement. It is often counter productive. Many of the parents I have seen employ methods like these gain short-term control, but lose the long-term relationship as soon as their children are old enough to be independent. If you have a child that has experienced any form of childhood trauma, this approach will probably do great harm to the child and your relationship.
Response from Customer Service

Dear Shreenk,

We’re sorry to hear that The Total Transformation Program did not meet your expectations. The Total Transformation Program, created by renowned behavioral therapist James Lehman, offers practical, real world solutions for the most challenging problems parents face. The program is a hands-on behavior modification program that teaches parents/guardians how to change their child’s thinking, in turn changing their child’s behavior. It is ideally designed to be a course in teaching parents how to effectively teach problem solving skills to their children by creating a “culture of accountability” in the home.
When it comes to punishment, James Lehman believed that punishments are not effective because they only teach a child to “do time” for a negative behavior, which is counterproductive. A consequence is something that follows naturally from a person’s action, inaction or poor decision. It differs from a punishment in that a punishment is retribution. Punishment is “getting back” at someone, to hurt him or her back for a hurt they caused.
In The Total Transformation Program, James teaches parents how to implement “task-oriented” consequences. A task-oriented consequence is related to the offense and defines a learning objective. We’ve seen these techniques work time and time again with even the most troubled children—that’s why we are absolutely confident that the program does bring long-term, life-changing results to countless families. We understand, however, that it is up to each parent/guardian to decide what is right for their specific family situation.
Many parents struggle in this area, which is one of the many reasons why we offer the Parental Support Line service. The coaches of the Support Line are extensively trained with The Total Transformation Program and can assist parents with any aspect of the program through guidance, coaching, and support. Our sister website,, is also an invaluable resource for parents. The site features articles that cover a broad range of topics, from lying and backtalk to ADD and parental abuse. We’re here to help you get the most out of The Total Transformation Program, so you can find the right path for you and your family.

starThe things I did not know I was doing wrong, March 18, 2014
Review by : TLCZ

I feel so much better now that I know that some of the things I was doing was good. Unfortunately, I was doing several thing that could use some improved techniques. Mainly, the way I handle myself when I have to confront my son and the words I use. Calm myself down before I start to discuss any issues. He is a teenager not an adult. He is in training to adulthood. I am the trainer. The way I was raised 50 years ago does not work in 2014. These are a different breed of children. They see the world different than we do.

starA Life Changing Experience, March 18, 2014
Review by : A Thankful Mother

The Total Transformation Program has made a significant change in my household. My son James (12 years old) and I used argue constantly but not anymore. This program provided me the skills and techniques I needed to be an authoratitive mother instead of a timid mother. James' behavior has improved regarding his chores at home as well as his school work. I would recommend this program to any parent.

starHave not had a chance to use it, when I first recieved the package., March 18, 2014
Review by : Regina Miller

The first thing that I did after I recieved the package I told my grand daughter that there will not be any abuse in this house. So far that is working. My grand daughter had a rough life. I am trying to give her the trust, the love and the respect that she needs. my granddaughter is 12 years old. She is starting to be very loving towards me. Which is new for her. I wish that I had the package when my daughter was younger. Maybe if I did my grand daughter would not be hurting.

starGrandparents, March 17, 2014
Review by : Frustrated

Being a parent or grandparent and bringing up a child is tough in so many ways. Trying to give structure and guidance takes patience. Sometimes the parent needs the same, we need to know it is alright to be tough sometimes. Using the total transformation program and following its suggestions has given me/us the confidence to set rules and let my grandchild figure out on her own how these rules affect her. She is bright and gets it, even at the young age of 5. I/we have learned to not give in to her tantrums. Or as she calls it "pitching a fit". Over these few short weeks she is improving in behaviour.

starThe journey so far, March 17, 2014
Review by : BadAttitudeBetter

We are about half way through the program and are still making adjustments to our son's behavior and attitude. Though it is slow in changing, the program has actually shown us, as parents, not so much as what we're doing wrong but trying things from a new perspective. We've noticed several things that we were doing that needed tweaked, and that helped us to understand why are son goes off at times. We also found that there was a lot more negotiating and emotional blackmail going on than we thought. So, with some of the tools we've learned so far, we don't fall into those traps, and are able to take control of the situation at hand before it escalates. It was definitely worth the time and money invested.

starSuper kids, March 17, 2014
Review by : Grateful grandma

I bought this for my grandchildren. They.grumble when I take out a disc, but it sparks conversation and they really get "into" the dialog we are listening to. Paige, my granddaughter had to put on a video and she did a spoof on Total Transformation. After listening to tape 7 she commented, "Girlfriend, (yep, that is my grandma name), This is not for us, it is how you are supposed to treat us. It says you are NEVER yo say, "Look me in the eye! So you must listen. She did not see that at that moment I knew that she and Nicholas had heard every word. They both are diagnosed as Ausperger kids. Paige has the added ADHD handle. We came up with a revolutionary discovery that with Total Transformation, they can be in control of their attitude and emotions. They help me when doing the workbook by giving their input on the answers. The difference in their behavior though, not perfect yet is truly transformed. We no longer have terrible tantrums over the battle of will. They can respond with a question about how we can handle the situation or they simply, "go somewhere and do whatever works for them. Sometimes it is burying into a video game -- sometimes it is screaming at the wall or punching a pillow. Thank God for you and your lovely wife

starRelief!, March 14, 2014
Review by : Parents of 9 and 12 year old sons

What a huge relief for my husband and I! Now we don't feel so alone as we face these challenging behaviors! This program has provided a language to help us name AND proactively respond to our children's most inappropriate behaviors. We have tried family therapy, parenting books, pediatricians, consequences, rewards (and more) for 13 years. This program shines far above anything else we have tried in order to effectively parent our very challenging kids. And yes, we are seeing positive changes in their behavior!

starA Good Start, March 14, 2014
Review by : motivatedmom

I think that the cd's provide a good start for parents struggling with oppositional children. Many of the things did not apply to our situation but they did reiterate that we are handling our child in the correct way and did give us some new techniques to change the behavior we do not like. I have not finished all of the cd provided as we are taking it slow and really incorporating things well before moving on. We have seen changes, brought on by our personal changes in handling and understanding some of the behaviors seen. The program has also brought my husband and I on "the same page" that alone has helped family dynamics tremendously.

starFrom a parent of a child who has autism., March 12, 2014
Review by : Karen

I have used many of your ideas and have become much more in control of my home. My son, who is 22, has many difficult problems - autism, negative response to every question, transgender issue and abandonment from his dad due to the divorce and his father's way of disconnecting; and Empowering Parents has given me strategies that work with my child. His outbursts are much, much fewer now; he has learned he is responsible for his actions not anyone else and has developed a sense of responsibility for the care of "his house" . Thank you James Lehman, for giving me the tools I needed to help to teach my son how to deal with life's issues and obtain his own independence. 5 stars !!for the program. ( I have not needed to call you Parental Support Line so I cannot give it a rating)

starGreat Information, March 11, 2014
Review by : Ren

This program was extremely helpful in changing our daughter's behavior, we were very pleased at how quickly the changes started happening. I would recommend this program to any parents who want to stop the talking back before it gets out of hand or for those who's kids are already out of control.

starlife is better, March 04, 2014
Review by : pamwells007

my life as a parent of 3 amazing but difficult boys is so much better once i started utilizing some of the tools provided in the lessons in the total transformation. I feel more in control and there is such a better atmosphere in the home. We all comminicate more effectively and have respect for each other. I have a way to go but i am on my way.

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