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Hundreds of parents, grandparents, teachers and professionals tell us how The Total Transformation Program has fixed challenging child behaviors. Read what they have to say about our program below. Also, check out our Blog, where we share the stories of families who are using The Total Transformation Program.

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starWow, December 09, 2014
Review by : ceciliaG.

I don't know where to start! The program is totally awesome. My grandson became legally free at the age of 7, and human services sent him to live with us. He tried every negative behavior described in the tapes. I bought the program because I was desperate. Little Johnny was abusive and hurting people, months of counseling were of no effect. We were ready to give up on this child and send him back to the state. But, we were told that we were his last chance at family life. If he washed out here, his next stop was a group home. We saw a dramatic change the very first day. I know that sounds impossible, but it's true. The first time his words dropped dead on the floor. He knew things had changed.

starTotal Transformation, December 05, 2014
Review by : Dickfye

He seems more calm and will set and talk things out that is bothering him. He is not perfect but is a lot better and I think it helped his mom

starYou can do it!, December 02, 2014
Review by : A thankful grandmother

I didn't use the parental support line or speak with customer service, so I don't know how to rate them, but if it's as good as the program then it must be good. I used this program with my 2 girls growing up about 8 years ago and now using it to raise my 3 grandchildren ages 7, 5, and 3. Even tho they are young, the oldest one a boy has ADHD and ODD. Terrible for the first two years in school. Took him to psychiatrist who prescribed methylphenidate and it works tremendously along with the Total Transformation program. Just knowing what to say when they act out or are disrespectful is so helpful. These kids have responded wonderfully. The teachers and special ed teachers all have raved about how obedient he has become and how focused he is on his schoolwork. His behavior is totally changed. Use the perforated cards! Put them wherever you may be so you can refer to them immediately; purse, car, kitchen! And I also found it helpful to let family members know that we were implementing the Total Transformation program so they didn't interfere with the discipline in case it happened in front of them. Our home is quieter, and my sanity was saved through this very trying time in our lives. We had to take over care of three little ones due to unfortunate circumstances and since my husband and I are near 60 years old, it was difficult. I'm glad I ordered the program to help my sweet babies. Hopefully, they won't have problems as they become teens and young adults having lived this program and its teachings.

starThe light at the end of the tunnel, November 29, 2014
Review by : Gallipeau

Mitchell is very bright and ahead of his class in all subjects but his behavior led to suspensions from school, loss of friends and quite often we did not get to do any family activities because of his behavior. With the help of this program, we learned how to communicate with our son and he learned to communicate and take responsibility. Now teachers and adults only have to point out the "trigger" item or behavior and he immediately stops and backs away from what ever is upsetting him. This program also helped us prove Mitchell was not ADHD but that he does suffer from childhood depression so we could get him the help he needed and get rid of any medication he did not need. We can't thank you enough for everything, you have helped our family in so many ways.

starvery good tool, November 25, 2014
Review by : SIlvia

it helped us to get structure and understand our kids better.

star20, November 25, 2014
Review by : licha

this program is very helpful to me and my family it give me the tools to know what to do and how to do things better.

starNot too happy, November 24, 2014
Review by : Mary

I was real excited with getting the total transformation before I received it. After receiving it and trying to go through the work book I found it difficult. I believe it should be more simplified. It seemed too much on a professional level then on a simply person's level. I then became discouraged. I ended up paying for something that was so difficult that it was too hard for me to even get it for free. I felt like I got suckered in to it. So I still haven't even finished all the CD's. I know I'm not going to believe all the promotion on something again.
Response from Customer Service

Dear Mary,

Thank you for your candid feedback about The Total Transformation Program. We’re disappointed to hear that our program hasn’t been helpful for you. We strive to create the most effective programs to help all families. We also understand that each family situation is unique and that it can be discouraging when you are not seeing the results you had hoped for. Please don’t give up. Our Support Line Coaches are here to help you use the program tools with your grandchild and create an action plan to address the problem behaviors you are facing. They can help you find a starting point and make the entire process easier for you. Please know that we want to help you achieve the results you were looking for when you called us and that we’re here for you. You can reach our Customer Support Team at 800-460-2235. We’ll be glad to help you.

starNeeded Help , November 23, 2014
Review by : FB journey

WE use the program to help with a grand son. James I liked a whole lot because he did not allow excuses and had a no nonsense approach to bring up misguided children or maybe I should say misguided parents. We had good success with the program but you have to follow it to get results. I would recommend.

starTHANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, November 19, 2014
Review by : Relieved & Smiling Mom

This program was a huge benefit for my whole family. I learned so much about myself, my children and others. This program to me goes way beyond just kids it's all the people we have in our lives. In regards to my son and his behaviour issues. There has been a wonderful change and our relationship has improved greatly and his communication at school has improved tremendously. I highly recommend this program for everyone.

starlearning a new way to parent, November 17, 2014
Review by : richard

So far as we go through the dvds, I am finding that the adults are the ones that have to learn the new habits and pass them on to our children we have to learn new ways to react to different situations with our children not at least in my case the way my parents acted thank you for giving us a new way.

starMy Transformation, November 11, 2014
Review by : Empowered single mom

The Total Transformation Program gave me the tools to help me be a better parent. Change begins with you! Change your parenting ways and your children will change too! The brilliant life skills Dr.Lehman shares has helped me take back control of my life. Thank you

starBest Parenting Guide Ever!, November 10, 2014
Review by : apsaunders

Total Transformation is the absolute best parenting tool I have ever found! I have taken (on average) two parenting classes per year for the past five years. I just want to be better at my role as a mom! I find it insane that parenting is the most important job of our lives, yet it's the role we learn the least about! I received zero parenting education! Then I started to seek it out. I enjoy every parenting class I take, but Total Transformation is the only one I need! I agree with every single technique it teaches! That never happens! I can apply every single idea given from Total Transformation with ease! It just makes sense! Thank you Total Transformation!

starFrom ineffective to extremely effective parenting!, November 04, 2014
Review by : karmakyoto

Total Transformation has changed the lives of both me and my 10 year old son. He battles with ADHD and has always ended up in trouble at school and anywhere else he might go. He's a very sweet and kind child but would end up having tantrums when he becomes overwhelmed with negative emotions. With the step by step skills learned from TT my son is a new boy! I have heard from his teachers, from family that he has become a joy to work with each day. He no longer gets in trouble daily at school or has to be told what to do. He has become proactive and pleasant. Most importantly he has gained confidence. Watching the results of his new positive behaviors has been a joy as he has become very popular with other kids at school. He has friends and is well liked, which is not something I could have said a year ago! I cannot recommend this product enough. Effective parenting is not for lazy parents and it takes ongoing work; however the results are worth it. I recommend to every parent who tells me they are less than pleased with their child's behavior...which is almost everyone. You must try it and take the advice on. If you take the advice and use the system it WILL work.

starworth it just don't lose it!, November 03, 2014
Review by : sophia

It was very thourough and very easy to understand and implement. The examples were concrete and it helped me step by step. It made me see what I was doing wrong, it also showed me how to say things with specific and appropriate wording. Just dont lose any of the sheets and forms that are delivered to you. Fill the feed back form in time and you will get totally reimbursed. And dont lose the completed sheets just before mailing them!!! Make photo copies of what you did all along the way in case you misplace your sheets.

starAmazing Technics , November 01, 2014
Review by : Denny

Total transformation was amazing teacher it gave me the tools as a parent to utilize. It showed me what to do and what not to do in order to understand my child. It showed me ways to avoid pitfalls and how to overcome meltdowns and not lose my child in that moment. The transformation program an awesome program. I would recommend it to every parent that's dealing with similar situations as mines a child with behavioral problems. This program helped my as to make positive decision in difficult situation that he may face.

starVery effective , October 28, 2014
Review by : Maria

The program was very effective in helping me deal with my daughter. My daughter's behavior was so out of control it was overwhelming. One if the most helpful ways that the program helped me was in providing a systematic approach. It sort of broke things down into tangible Pieces. It gave specific techniques to use. It debunked ideas surrounding the social worker approach to bad behavior and helped me focus on forcing my daughter to change the bad behavior. By helping me organize my dealings with my daughter, it helped me see that some if her behavior was indeed caused by medical issues and I ended up sending her to a 30 day treatment program where she was diagnosed as being bi-polar. Since then, she has been better thanks to therapy and medicine. I only wish that I would have gotten this program when my daughter, who has always been difficult when she was younger. I am really grateful that I was given the tools of the transformation program to help me deal w my daughter. I think in some ways it helped me save her life.

starReluctant 5 yo son (only child), October 23, 2014
Review by : J&S

the Total Transformation Program teaches us parents how to separate emotions and deal with the facts. Also how to set up clear behavior expectations. Before seeing this program, I thought it was our responsibility as parents to change our son's bad behavior. Now I know and accept the fact that it is up to him to change. Our responsibility is to coach him to make choices ... if he makes good choices he can be rewarded with things/privileges that matters to him, or if he makes poor choices, he suffers consequences. This program offers the tools to help parents gain back the control of their house.

starTotal Transformation Review, October 23, 2014
Review by : meseva family

The total transformation program helped me see my own parenting from the other side. It helped me understand what I was doing wrong, and showed me, step by step, how to make changes in the right direction. My family life is so much better now! I started being a real parent to my children, and I can see that even my children are starting to appreciate that now.

starA Coach's Perspective, October 18, 2014
Review by : Coach Joanne

The program presented some good tools for parental use. I was hoping that the material might be helpful to me as a coach of a problem child athlete - and some of it was. The program is definitely focused on the needs of parents, however, so from my perspective, many of the suggestions - although they may have been good ones for parents - just did not apply or were not feasible for a coach spending a limited amount of time each week with the acting-out child, and having to balance dealing with that child's behavior, with the needs of the other, well-behaved kids in the class.

starThis Program Makes Sense , October 14, 2014
Review by : Ladybug

This program is super helpful in teaching how to handle difficult children. The program has good values and the rationale behind the method makes sense. Our child still has a lot of work to do even after we completed the program, but now we have the parenting tools to help him learn.

starLearning experience, October 13, 2014
Review by : taddie35

The total transformation was a behavior learning experience for me as well as for my son. We go through life learning as we go and with the right tools and advice we get through it. In the total transformation I learned that not only that my son was out of control I was too and with the total transformation I was able to put sanity,communication,trust and accountability back into our lives and now we are both doing well in our home situation and he's doing great at school. As an single parent things are not perfect by far but it's a great start.

starA Manual for Becoming an Effective Parent When Confronting Behavioral Issues in Children, October 12, 2014
Review by : Paul Vincent

I feel blessed that I heard about the opportunity to obtain and implement the use of The Total Transformation Program for dealing with the behavior of our two sons. Learning and implementing the "Alternative Response" method has improved our communication with our sons by providing us with the necessary tools for dealing with inappropriate behaviors. It has been a slow process, and we are still trying to learn these concepts and use them effectively, but the learning curve is manageable and the results are certainly worth the effort. I really wish my parents had had this opportunity when I was growing up in the early 70's for dealing with me, and an abusive sibling, and my hope for me and all parents with children who have abusive responses to solving life's everyday problems, is that the buck stops here. It is in our power, with the necessary and appropriate tools, to effect life-changing behaviors in our children, but it has to begin with us, the parents. Thank you also to Dr. Lehman for making it possible to acquire this program for a minimal, if not totally free, cost. I was blessed with an advanced degree in education, and I could see where my immigrant parents, with their minimal educations and knowledge of the English language, would really have struggled with the program. Is the program available in other languages; i.e. Spanish? Thank you, Paul

starGreat information!, October 08, 2014
Review by : Ben

So much of what was shared was actually new ways of thinking for my wife and I. I realized that what I am doing can greatly encourage or discourage my child's behavior. My favorite concepts were, "You can't feel your way into acting better, but you can act your way into feeling better" and also his explanation of why "unconditional love" can be a thinking error to justify poor behavior, or rather our lack of ability to correct poor behavior.

starreview, October 07, 2014
Review by : skyhawk

the program did what it said although not imedeatly

starTotal Transformation Review, September 29, 2014
Review by : Annabell

The Total Transformation Program is something I believe everyone should be taught in high-school!! Its parenting in a nutshell. My children were in there late teens and early twenties, but I found it to be the best eye opener, practical and easily applicable program ever. I doubt there is a better one out there. I wish I had the knowledge I have now 35 years ago. The information is easy to understand and applicable in other relationships as well. All I can say is it's wonderful!!

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