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Hundreds of parents, grandparents, teachers and professionals tell us how The Total Transformation Program has fixed challenging child behaviors. Read what they have to say about our program below. Also, check out our Blog, where we share the stories of families who are using The Total Transformation Program.

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starVery applicable program, March 04, 2015
Review by : Paul A. Bensur Jr.

I was very impressed with the content. It flowed smoothly and did not have any lag in the interactions. I recommend it to any parent that is having behavioral issues and has problems with inept parenting.

starNo Child Left Behind , March 03, 2015
Review by : Reach One! Teach One!

Total Transformation is truly an awesome program. As a behavior specialist I have seem some great results with using some of Dr. Lehman techniques. My personal favorite is to redirect and to move on to other coping skills. Encourage the child not to get stuck on a bad feelings. I highly recommend the Total Transformation program to parents, teachers, counselors and other professional adults who work with children.

starTotal Transformation, March 02, 2015
Review by : Hilary

I had been challenged by my 10 year olds behavior for over 4 years. Total Transformation have done a - well - "total transformation" on my child and myself. The program connects with all ages and I am sure I will revisit the program as my 2 children grows and challenges changes with age. It was a program that changed me as a parent, and my train of thinking. I can incorporate knowledge from this program anytime in our children lives.

starLife changing, March 01, 2015
Review by : Danib

I used the Total Transformation program for my 11 year old son who has some behavioral issues exacerbated by his anxiety and a mood disorder. This program changed ME by empowering me to be a better parent to him. I listened to each cd over and over until James words were programmed in my head. This program made me realize there NO excuses for my sons behavior. No police officer will ever care or ask what your child's diagnosis is. You must set simple consistent rules and have consequences when they aren't followed. James teaches you how to do this. And every time I need a reminder I just listen to the CDs again. My sons behavior has changed so drastically and I owe it all to the program.

starThe total transformation is an excellent tool ., February 25, 2015
Review by : Pax te cum

When i to ard about the total tansformation i was hopeful about it. My decisión was correct because i could find excellent techniques that i could apply with My child's challenging Behavior and i could identify also Many Answers to address My stepdaughter's issues as well. I am satisfied with the total transformación.

starTotal Transformation, February 21, 2015
Review by : bparelskin

This is a good program. You will have to commit if you are going to finish it, but that's what it takes to get the most value. The pressure to finish to get your money back helps for sure:).. For the most part, it comes back to basics. Care for your child, care about how they feel, but most of all, hold them responsible for their actions. Makes sense.

starTotal Transformation Review, February 14, 2015
Review by : jfaplanet

The best thing this program did was help me see where my skills "needed improving". In learning new parenting skills, I was able to help my son. I would definately recommend this program!

starThanks, February 10, 2015
Review by : katieacampbell

I'm grateful to you. Thank you for caring and sharing. I now have a variety of "tools" I can use to help me interact with my daughter. Your community and support have helped. I now have more creative ways to care and be committed to raising my daughter appropriately. I have more confidence and courage to take action on my own behalf, knowing it's the correct response. I'm learning to disengage so that when I do approach my daughter I can be more loving, kind, caring and compassionate; engaging for the right reasons. Sometimes the best communication is no communication at all - knowing I can say something once and expect it to get done is a relief. The knowledge of experts in the field has helped me to do the right things. Thank you!

starTotal Transformation School of Rock, February 02, 2015
Review by : Determined

I found this program to be extremely helpful in many ways. From learning how to talk to different types and give age appropriate consequences and rewards. I believe the key to raising responsible, respectable, positive, and productive children is to start at a very young age to teach them the VALUE of living by the rules and teach them to have the consciousness and tools to make good/positive choices on their own. This program teaches you how to do that. If you do not start at a very young age (1 to 2 years old) you can lose control of your child very quickly. If you have lost control and respect, or starting to lose control and respect, then you need this program to start learning these methods as SOON AS POSSIBLE. The Total Transformation company is honest, caring, true to their word, respectful and can help you and your children bond together... it's going to take work, but it's worth it! Best to You!

starA+, January 31, 2015
Review by : A+

Absolutely fabulous program! James Lehman explains difficult concepts in very easy to follow terms and steps. I began to change my methods immediately after the quick star DVD. With my change in approach, my child's attitude began to change just as fast. I continue to use what I've learned through this program, and my child has made a 180 degree turn. THANK YOU JAMES.

starGreat parenting tool, January 26, 2015
Review by :

As a parent of 3 boys, I ordered the Total Transformation on a day when I was feeling at the end of my rope. I don't have any more than the typical battles of raising teenage boys, this program gave me the confidence and reassurance in my parenting. I am so grateful forr the tools I was given. For me it was just hearing that the disrespect was unacceptable and that I need to take the emotions out of it and run my home like a business. The reminder to not engage in the battle has made a big difference as well. It gave me the confidence to stand on what I knew was right and through that, my boy's behavior has improved alot.

starExcellent! Worth every penny!, January 23, 2015
Review by : ChrissyD

I purchased this program because I wanted to empower my children and other family members with concrete methods about how to communicate with our children. It is a comprehensive method that provides sound strategies for helping children become responsible and respectful adults. Thank you Janet and James for this wonderful gift!

starTotal Transformation Review, January 13, 2015
Review by : g-ma

Takes time to change reacting to teens actions and attitudes. Changing things slowly but I am determined.

starMom of ADHD, January 12, 2015
Review by :

I really am a busy working mom, but had to take the time to show my appreciation to Total transformation! Great tips and skills and most of all took away that guilty conscious I always had for no reason! Thank you!

starGreat results!, January 12, 2015
Review by : Ann L.

There has been a marked improvement in my son's attitude and behavior after following the instructions in the Total Transformation.

starHelp at last, January 10, 2015
Review by : Queens

I was at my wits end with my son. Then I puchased the Total Transformation and I got help. The tipa and information really help me put things into perspective as a parent. There is no need to fight with your child.

starEven Beneficial for a Granny , January 07, 2015
Review by : A successful and happy grandmother

I enjoyed working through the Total Transformation Program and completing the workbook. Because of the tools provided through this course, I agreed to take care of my 4 grandsons last summer for a two day overnight stay with them. My young grandsons responded well to me once I set the tone with my expectations and their responsibilities. We had a glorious time with full participation and cooperation in every situation. I mainly used the reward method with incentives for special activities or special privileges and they had a fun time too. Because of the age differences it proved at times to be quite challenging but it did not drain me as I had anticipated at the onset. I recommend this program highly to every new or experienced parent. This is a great program to be used as a preventative measure to insure a more stressless child rearing experience. It also will prevent major problems that often arise as the kids mature. Using Dr Lehman's method of child rearing will result in well adjusted, happy and responsible future citizens of the world.

starparents of adhd and odd teenage boy, December 17, 2014
Review by : parents oppositional teen boy

We we were really impressed with some of the skills we learned with the program we felt like this program helped us more than helping our son because we were able to come up with a plan and stick to it. We also are noticing a big difference in his school work and ability to reason and that helps tremendously thanks to total transformation.

starTotal Transformation Review, December 10, 2014
Review by : Piratex2

The Total Transformation Program assisted me with my ADHD/Mood Disorder/Austic/Residentially Treated son through his treatments and visitations. It enabled me to approach normally difficult behavior management in the most apprporiate manner particular to my son's needs. "Trigger management" was well defined, and easier to work with opposed to "anger management". It provided a means to handling the prevention/limited exposure to the cause/root and focus of the anger. Goal setting and rewards systems for my child were made easier to attain and maintain. Moreover, the program helped me in the daily dealing encountered with my students in my instruction sessions at work. Be specific, well-defined, consistent, honest, and sincere in dealing with behavior issues. Making certain that the punishment/discipline is appropriate to the behavior. Well defined choices and consequences were also valuable in behavior management.

starWow, December 09, 2014
Review by : ceciliaG.

I don't know where to start! The program is totally awesome. My grandson became legally free at the age of 7, and human services sent him to live with us. He tried every negative behavior described in the tapes. I bought the program because I was desperate. Little Johnny was abusive and hurting people, months of counseling were of no effect. We were ready to give up on this child and send him back to the state. But, we were told that we were his last chance at family life. If he washed out here, his next stop was a group home. We saw a dramatic change the very first day. I know that sounds impossible, but it's true. The first time his words dropped dead on the floor. He knew things had changed.

starTotal Transformation, December 05, 2014
Review by : Dickfye

He seems more calm and will set and talk things out that is bothering him. He is not perfect but is a lot better and I think it helped his mom

starYou can do it!, December 02, 2014
Review by : A thankful grandmother

I didn't use the parental support line or speak with customer service, so I don't know how to rate them, but if it's as good as the program then it must be good. I used this program with my 2 girls growing up about 8 years ago and now using it to raise my 3 grandchildren ages 7, 5, and 3. Even tho they are young, the oldest one a boy has ADHD and ODD. Terrible for the first two years in school. Took him to psychiatrist who prescribed methylphenidate and it works tremendously along with the Total Transformation program. Just knowing what to say when they act out or are disrespectful is so helpful. These kids have responded wonderfully. The teachers and special ed teachers all have raved about how obedient he has become and how focused he is on his schoolwork. His behavior is totally changed. Use the perforated cards! Put them wherever you may be so you can refer to them immediately; purse, car, kitchen! And I also found it helpful to let family members know that we were implementing the Total Transformation program so they didn't interfere with the discipline in case it happened in front of them. Our home is quieter, and my sanity was saved through this very trying time in our lives. We had to take over care of three little ones due to unfortunate circumstances and since my husband and I are near 60 years old, it was difficult. I'm glad I ordered the program to help my sweet babies. Hopefully, they won't have problems as they become teens and young adults having lived this program and its teachings.

starThe light at the end of the tunnel, November 29, 2014
Review by : Gallipeau

Mitchell is very bright and ahead of his class in all subjects but his behavior led to suspensions from school, loss of friends and quite often we did not get to do any family activities because of his behavior. With the help of this program, we learned how to communicate with our son and he learned to communicate and take responsibility. Now teachers and adults only have to point out the "trigger" item or behavior and he immediately stops and backs away from what ever is upsetting him. This program also helped us prove Mitchell was not ADHD but that he does suffer from childhood depression so we could get him the help he needed and get rid of any medication he did not need. We can't thank you enough for everything, you have helped our family in so many ways.

starvery good tool, November 25, 2014
Review by : SIlvia

it helped us to get structure and understand our kids better.

star20, November 25, 2014
Review by : licha

this program is very helpful to me and my family it give me the tools to know what to do and how to do things better.

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