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Hundreds of parents, grandparents, teachers and professionals tell us how The Total Transformation Program has fixed challenging child behaviors. Read what they have to say about our program below. Also, check out our Blog, where we share the stories of families who are using The Total Transformation Program.

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starTotal Transformation Review, July 21, 2014
Review by : Troubled Grandparent

We found the Total Transformation Program so useful in dealing with our grandson. He has been dealing with the separation of his parents and this program has been a wonderful tool for us to help him with his mixed up feelings. I would highly recommend this program to anyone dealing with a difficult child.

starExcellent Program!, July 21, 2014
Review by : Jane K

James Lehman's teaching style and program in Total Transformation is so tangible and easy to follow, and the techniques he teaches really work! The tools that I've gained through the program have been so effective, and has made tackling parenting difficult behavior much more manageable. I'd recommend this program for all parents- I will be able to turn to the techniques as a resource throughout my children's pre-teen and teen years.

star Wonderful Program for all of us who struggle with defiant children, July 16, 2014
Review by : Grateful mom

I found this program extremely helpful and freeing me from guilt and from making excuses for my son's behaviour.It empowered me as a parent. It is excellently put together program teaching parents in details ie step by step how to deal with " mouthy",obnoxious,agressive and disrespectful children. The Total Transformation program gives parents the assistance and guidance, how to help their children to cope/deal with stressful situations in a more respectful and better way. It does empower parents to maintain their authority and guide their children with responsible love,by teaching the children the skills they did not equire yet. Responsible Love guides, assists ,directs , teaches necessary skills and expects accountibility. I would recommend it to anybody who is struggling with their children's defiant behaviour, for The Total Transformation Program explains why children act in this way and what parent should do to teach them skills how to cope in appropriate way with situations, which cause the children to explode. It is truly enlightening and so freeing Program,which assists families to build much healthier relationship with their defiant/obnoxious/acting out children. It truly transforms as it's title states. It transformed us immensely. Thank you.

starso far we are do pretty good., July 10, 2014
Review by : emsmama

well i have to say that as a parent of four and a former teacher that i personally have learned a lot from he program. my children are basically set up in two separate families. one older, they are in college and the other set younger they are going into middle school and high school. so this started for me as a new game plan! boys are different than girls! round two! my younger two also had health issues when they were young.. thus they were treated differently to begin with... hurdles that had to be overcome. so like i said i have had the plan for about six weeks or so and i can see some changes that i really like! we still have work to do. with this being summer its better because the kids and i have more time together.

starTotal Transformation Review, July 10, 2014
Review by : lovinit

The Total Transformation program gave me several needed influences; the mood (and skills) of both street knowledge and how there is sense of 'no brainer' to this process (I think as parents we overthink things rather that have a non-aggressive gut response to situations) and a strong reminder of the tenacity and sense of our own duty to perform at our job as best we can. The necessity to educate ourselves and be the first one to take responsibility allows us the confidence to expect it from our children. We do the hard work along with our children and understand that now is the time to act differently. Changing is done on the level of action, skills are born from piercing own illusions of our situation and meeting the situation as it is not how we wish it was. And lastly we are not alone and help and support is there. I'm going to give this to my own son of 28 years so he can begin the process of education before the day he needs it! Thank you TT!

starGreat Knowledge, June 30, 2014
Review by : jkcomer

The program helped my husband and I so much! It gave us new ideas and challenges to be better parents. Definitely recommended!!!

starthe total transformation , June 28, 2014
Review by : the total transformation

I foind this programme very helpful The way the programme work is very simple,because it is explained in way that you follow it step by step and very comfortabley. I thing it is really helpful to have this programme for new parents. Even if the kids r small you csn still handle them the programme teaches you. Thank you for all the technique and solutions.

starLife Changing, June 28, 2014
Review by : Louise Campbell

I have worked with children in a professional capacity for many years; but when it came to my own, things weren't quite so easy. This program provides so many detailed examples in writing and video that it's easy to understand and implement. The amount of support through emailed articles, tips and friendly support line make this a fully comprehensive experience. The staff are so friendly and helpful, it seems evident the company is invested in my success. Thank you for helping me and my family get to a healthier, happier way of functioning!

starit works, June 27, 2014
Review by : ktahbidmi

I have a very difficult seven year old daughter. After using this program, my discipline is effective. I hardly yell or get frustrated. She is held accountable for her behavior, and I find spending time with her to be fun again, and much less stressful.

star, June 25, 2014
Review by : Thankful in Texas

Total Transformation helped me to see that my children's behavior was not my fault. I had been so berated and disrespected by them for so long that I began to believe them and blamed myself for their actions, choices and behavior. My first phone call to Total Transformation left me in tears, but very hopeful tears because this very calm, sweet voice told me at the start... "This is not your fault." I desperately needed to hear those words. Upon receiving the program, the changes in our household were immediate. The tools are given in such a simple step by step method and very easy to follow. The Parental Support Line (which I dubbed as "my hotline") was the icing on the cake. I could not have done this without them. Everyone was always calm, attentive and kept me focused no matter the situation. They not only listened and advised but they really helped me to learn how to do this on my own. Since starting the program eight months ago, I now am much calmer, can hold my head up and have my confidence in parenting back. In addition, our home is much calmer, much less arguing, and little to no yelling. My children are learning valuable skills and although we are still dealing with some issues, they are much more focused and cooperative and I am very hopeful and confident. Thank you Total Transformation!

starGreat for some kids, June 25, 2014
Review by : sbol1

I enjoyed this program and all the information that it gave. My problems with my child go further than what the program gave, but helped with setting boundaries more clearly with my child. The support line was awesome and they didn't judge and the people were able to listen and also just help with what they could. Unfortunately my child's problems are due to being a victim of a crime. The parenting program helped with some of the behaviors he was exhibiting, but there is much more to still be done and work on. I appreciated this program and the people behind it. It's helped my parenting techniques for sure!!

starVery informative, June 24, 2014
Review by : nanarige

I had an aggressive loud style that didn't work with my 7&11 year olds girls, this total transformation program has taught me to be fair but firm. Walk away when they are disrespectful or rude. I've learned through the teacher to walk away. This works amazing!!!

starMrs. Lisa Jackson, Parent, June 18, 2014
Review by : proudmama

The Total Transformation Program was life-changing for our family. After years of seeking solutions,we finally found something that worked! It was no longer about labeling our child but finding effective parenting tools to create harmony in our home and stop the chaos. I know feel empowered as a parent and much more effective. Our family has more joy and I'm much more optimistic about my child's future.

starmy son, June 16, 2014
Review by : Ty

My son has severe ADHD and sometimes can be a real handful. This program is in NO means a cure or a "fix all" but it has helped both of us cope better and understand each other better. There are still days where the ADHD gets the better of us both but those days are no where near as frequent as they use to be. If your looking for HELP (there is NO cure) with your ADHD child then this system works.

starNever thought it would happen so soon!, June 14, 2014
Review by : simplyamazed2day

Time restraints caused a delay in my getting started with the Total Transformation Program. I opened it several months after I had received it. I am a single grandmother of 58, raising two pre-teens, that have done nothing but lacerate each other from the time I took them in (9 years ago). After that last brutal hollering match between these two, and myself as referee, I decided that that was the last straw! I picked up the program and started watching and learning. Immediately, I started putting some suggested ideas from Total Transformation into practice. Within two days, the hollering, screaming, and name calling, stopped! I no longer referee. Awwwwww, peace and quiet. Today, they are now sharing more, laughing and playing with each other (which I thought I'd never see), and are respectful towards each other. I have taken my rightful place as grandmother and not referee. I am simply amazed! Thank you Total Transformation for giving me back my peace.

starConcrete, helpful strategies, June 14, 2014
Review by : Stephanie S.

I purchased the set for my nonprofit that works with many 'behavioral' kids. It reinforced the way I've been parenting my kids, one of whom has high functioning autism. As soon as I heard James say that a diagnosis is no excuse for bad behavior, I knew his methods would be music to my ears. We have never allowed our sons sensory issues, rigidity, anxiety or difficulties with communication be an excuse for inappropriate behavior. This isn't how we started out though. We assumed he couldn't help it. Now at almost 13, we have a kid who has an arsenal of social-emotional regulation strategies he can use to deal with his challenges. But we had to be in control and know how to parent him before any strategy could even work. This is what James provides. It is logical, realistic and no-nonsense. My favorite tool right now as both my kids and my friend's kids are entering the teenage years is having a signal to use with your child in public instead of calling each other out on something. It comes in handy and can thwart an impending argument and de-escalate tension. I strongly recommend this set!

stardisappointed, June 11, 2014
Review by : screen name

The "full refund for completing a survey" offer is ridiculous. I might as well have signed up for a college course with as much BS as they require to obtain the refund. It is sold as a "survey," but it actually requires a full, detailed description of how you use each technique presented in the program. Miss any single detail and the refund is negated. Bogus. Totally misleading and wrong.
Response from Customer Service

Dear Sir,

Thank you for taking the time to share your observations on our feedback survey offer. It is disappointing that it seems to have been a negative experience for you; it is certainly not our intent.
However, your review gives us the opportunity to shed some light on the feedback survey offer so every customer understands our process and we can learn from each interaction. For any customer to receive a refund of the product price, all customers are asked to use the program with their child and respond to the questions for each lesson, indicating what worked and did not work for them. There are about 8 questions to answer for each of the 7 lessons. Some answers simply require check marks. Some require very short answers, and some ask the customer to share their results with certain techniques in a couple of sentences. We simply ask customers to answer all of the questions in order to receive their refund. We do realize that it takes time to complete the full survey and for that reason, we provide 6 months to a year to complete the program and survey (depending on the option the customer chooses) and we allow parents to keep the program at no cost to them. We are also confident that the immersion in the program and survey deepens the effectiveness of the program and the understanding of each family.

Many customers have told us that while the feedback survey was a significant time investment for them, it helped them to learn the techniques more effectively because they gave more thought to how to apply them. If for any reason our customers feel unsure about how to implement  the techniques and provide the requested feedback, they should contact our Customer Service Department and ask questions as they come up throughout the improvement process. We are here to help.

It is unfortunate that the feedback survey promotion did not result in a good experience for you. We do hope that using the program with your child has helped you and that it will continue to help your family in the future.

starThrilled beyond measure, June 08, 2014
Review by : John Buist

My family has be thrilled with the program and the results it gave our family! We feel we've seen some dramatic turn arounds and feel more confident and equipped to parent better. Thank you for allowing us to participate in this program.

starNo Excuse for Abuse!, June 08, 2014
Review by : No Excuse For Abuse

The total transformation was very informative and gave me the tools to make better choices as a parent and run my household like a business. I don't even ask for a reason if my child disrespects me because there is no excuse for abuse. I would highly recommend the Total Transformation Program.

starIn Retrospect, June 04, 2014
Review by : Gramma of Multiples

The Total Transformation Program was extremely well put together. We found it, however, to be mostly geared to pre-teens and older. We had already engaged ourselves and the younger children in various management programs (SNAP, Manaing Melt Downs, Coping with ADHD, Coping with ODD, Parenting your Anxious Child, The Quiet Child, Mission Possible, kNOw Fear) prior to receiving your program. These are programs offered through our local hospital health services and were geared to the childs age. The Total Transformation Program seems to address only children who would benefit only from CBT and was very broad based. It certainly was not geared to children with cognitive disabilities. However, perhaps your strategies will come in handy at a later date. The biggest thing we got out of it was not to engage in arguments which, by the way, works with both children and adults.

starMy Thoughts on The Total Transformation, June 04, 2014
Review by : happy tech

I am so pleased with The Total Transformation. If I follow the program, I have great success. I use it both at home and at school where I work as a special education technician. The hardest part was taking a hard, honest look at myself and admitting to the ways that I was being ineffective. At school, the behaviors are constant and it can be exhausting to stay on top of it. I often review how I handled something and then realize that I did not do what the program suggested and how it might have turned out differently if I had. It takes a lot of effort and commitment. I have earned the respect of some of the more educated staff that I work with through sharing what I've learned. I find that I am listened to more and my thoughts are actually sought after!! I recommend this program to everyone! The only thing that I can think of that would be a positive addition to the program is to have some information aimed at pre-school age children. I think the material can be adapted, but it would be easier if the program spelled it out for you. Many or most of the examples I found were from pre-teens to teens.

starAbsolutely LOVE The Total Transformation, June 02, 2014
Review by : Richard and Wendy

The Total Transformation is such a wonderful tool to use. It has helped our family so much. We no longer bicker and argue with our children, we have all learned how to communicate better as a family. Thank you for an amazing product!!! Thank you, Richard and Wendy Lowe

starTotal Transformation on a 9 years old boy, May 27, 2014
Review by : Mom of 2

I started listening to the tapes immediately and work in the handbook to learn as soon as possible how to fix the behavioral problems with my son. I applied several techniques and it smoothly corrected the situation. It was not a radical change, more like a transition. I especially liked the:do not talk to me that way, and walk away. The: going to the room transition, the approach to give consequences while giving him an action to correct the issue, then if done correctly it can be used as a reward. We still have ups and downs but there is no comparison, life is better, not perfect, in the family... I still have a lot to put in practice, now on my daughter who is copying my son ex behavioral issues... In any case my extended family noticed how much better my son is behaving now. My sincere gratitude for this program.

starTotal Transformation Review, May 24, 2014
Review by : single mother of 3

I got the program to help me with my oldest son, and it has been wonderful. It's also helped with the younger two before we went down the same path. It's been amazing the changes in myself and my children.

starFamily Continuity, May 19, 2014
Review by : a caring grandmother

Total Transformation has played a key role in helping our family be cohesive in our approach to dealing with our challenging child. Having the parents, and grandparents, who care for him, all on board with this, we have been more consistent, calmer, and prepared as a team. We've learned to take the emotions out, and actions in. We've learned not to take it personally. The whole family has benefited from this program because we've been able to hand on the information and techniques to others in the family so we all have a sense of consistency with our approach to all the children involved in the extended families, like a stone dropped in water and making ripples across the pond. Much of this is what/how our family views how to deal with challenging children from the beginning. It feels good to have something back us up and add to it. Thank you.

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